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Companyde Winder Architekten
Lead DesignersKlaus de Winder
ClientKlaus de Winder
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

The offices on the 4th floor of the Düsseldorf Stilwerk design centre in Germany were
redesigned for Omnicom Media Group Germany, one of the world’s largest media agencies. In
close coordination with the client an office landscape was created that promoted
communication and team work with a mix of open spaces, retreats and collaboration areas.
It also assures both transparency and discretion, enables rapid orientation within the
space and reflects the agency’s creative character.
The reception area and communication zones were completely redesigned. Some of the
existing glass wall inventory in the workplace areas was removed to enhance flexibility in
team work. Communication zones between the exterior and interior work places function as
team interfaces and places for spontaneous staff interaction. Their colour schemes provide
orientation with the space. Four telephone booths, three kitchenettes with tall tables for
stand-up meetings or copy and service centres are available for this purpose.