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CompanyBerge & Kreisel
Lead DesignersEmil Rosen
ClientEmil Rosen
Prize(s)Silver in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Residential Sustainable Design, Bronze in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Alternative Energy Source Equipment, Silver in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Energy Conservation Equipment, Silver in Home Interior Products / Household appliances
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Entry Description

Mavero is the result of applying our expertise in battery
technology with one of the most efficient and safe cells
in the world to an energy storage product for domestic
use to help people harvesting green energy and be a part
of the sustainable revolution. We have worked hard on
making the product easy to setup with a modular battery
design allowing a single technician to install a product
otherwise needing at least two people.
We had a vision of creating an appliance that becomes
more of an interior object and timeless by removing the
need of a fixed display. Instead we allow the user to
receive the most crucial information through the ambient
interface and more detailed data on you device, a
product constantly updated. The Ambient Interface are
the lit logo displaying charging/discharging and a
beautiful lighting feature around the perimeter of the
Mavero that also displays the battery level.