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Hybrid Lever - Adaptable Housing Prototype

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Disaster rapid deployment housing, Gold in Architecture Categories / Sustainable Living/Green, Silver in Architecture Categories / New Residential Building
Entry Description

In this 21st century, everything happens in a fast paced, buildings changing frequently and neighborhood changing progressively. Placid or sluggish pace no longer exist in this century. The hybrid lever is a vertical prototype that try to achieve asymmetrical structure through self-balancing of programmed masses which are adaptable and flexible. It not only attains higher structure efficiency, but also flexible to squeeze into overly dense area or adopt in open area, creating an alternatives for our future generation.
By shifting the planes within a space grid, spaces with different qualities are created and units are arranged with higher flexibility within the framework. It for one creates a lot of shared space between neighborhood, for another, it is easily changed due to the rapid growth in nowadays world. Hybrid Lever challenges the limit of asymmetrical structures and maximum extent of cantilevering in order to strive for the best living condition of inhabitants.