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Su | first-aid instrument

Lead DesignersAlexander Röhring
Prize(s)Bronze in Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical Furniture
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Entry Description

In the case of circulatory breakdowns, the entire body is relaxed and inevitably falls to the ground. The impact on the ground and the gravity makes it very likely that the tongue falls into the throat and blocks the air supply. When this happens, any first-aid measures are useless and the person suffers lasting damage after approximately 5 minutes.

Su reapplies the old known system of the vacuum. The red bellows is compressed and the tip is held against the tongue which has fallen backwards. Opening the bellows creates a vacuum that sucks the tongue to the plastic tip. Now the tongue can be guided back into the oral cavity and the known first-aid measures can be applied. By using Su, the first helper himself can not be injured and it gives him a sense of security in an emergency situation.