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Lead DesignersPaul Bishop
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description

The Client envisioned bringing an original concept to the Dubai Food and Beverage market by creating a space where art meets a dining and bar experience which fuse into one dynamic and versatile venue.
The design is comprised of four distinct areas –a dining area with an open kitchen, a bar and art lounge and a bistro, all of which are enveloped by interchangeable retail and art display units.
Our main focus was to fulfill the Client’s wish to bring a brand new experience to Dubai by creating an edgy and vibrant interior by using boldly colored fabrics as well as surface projections and bespoke furniture. The whole venue is subtly dressed with off-beat and sexy details, discreetly hidden in every corner.
The venue is conveniently located in the Design District, which is the perfect environment to captivate a creative audience.


Bishop Design by Paul Bishop is an international multi-award winning interior design firm based in Dubai and Miami. Founded by Paul Bishop in 2004, our talented team of professionals have created ground-breaking interiors across the region and on a global scale. An excellent portfolio of Commercial, Hospitality, Retail and Residential projects have been secured through recommendation, referral and repeat business – a true endorsement of the company’s abilities. The success is mainly owed to the dedication and personal touch that we apply to each and every project executed.

Awards and Prize

Bishop Design by Paul Bishop has received over one hundred awards both regionally and Internationally including Interior Design Firm of the Year at the Commercial Interior Awards in 2021 and the highly-desirable accolade of Interior Designer of the Year collected by our Owner & Founder Paul Bishop 5 times between 2018-2021 from esteemed regional awarding bodies including Design Middle East. Each of these achievements are a testament to the company’s devotion in shaping the regions landscape with remarkable destinations.