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Electron Pendant

CompanyKarice Enterprises Ltd
Lead DesignersMaurice Laurent Dery
ClientMaurice Dery
Prize(s)Gold in Illumination / Designer Lighting
Project LinkView
Entry Description

The Electron pendant is part of a lighting series that has
been in development since December 2015. The Electron
reflects efficient engineering, without compromising beauty
or functionality. It is illuminated with energy efficient LED
strips through frosted clear acrylic along the inner and outer
rings. The double-sided lighting maximizes illumination,
while the LED maximizes efficiency. The light is 3000K.
The light is deceptively simple. But as you delve deeper, its
ingenuity is revealed. On the front surface, there are no
visible fasteners on either side of the rings, which allows for
a clean and refined finish. The light is suspended from co-
axial cable which offers a clean suspended appearance.
The Electron is simple and refined, yet modern and
futuristic. The pendant is part of a broader lighting series
that includes hanging pendants and a wall sconce. Each
Electron was designed, developed, and manufactured by
Karice Enterprises Ltd.


Bringing even the most ambitious vision to light, British Columbia-based Karice Enterprises has enormous passion for creating beautiful lighting products, pushing creative boundaries to craft the unimaginable with their cutting-edge, custom lights. Founder, Maurice Laurent Dery believes aesthetic beauty is the by-product of intelligent design and dreaming up what has never been done before is just a part of daily life at Karice. Each piece follows this passion for doing the seemingly “impossible”, and reflects a creative, practical solution to a complicated design challenge.

Awards and Prize

Electron Wall Sconce - A'Design - Silver 2016
Electron Wall Sconce - IDA - GOLD-2016
Shroom Pendant - A'Design - Silver 2017
Sprocket Light - A'Design - Iron 2017
Electron Pendant - IDA - GOLD 2017
Shroom Pendant - IDA - Honorable Mention