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Nitto, People & Technology Center;

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Office
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Entry Description

“inovas,” where innovation is born
This global hub of research and human resources development is the focal point for researchers from all over the world and within and outside the company to come together and explore new and original ideas in the areas of the environment, new energy, and life sciences.
Of paramount importance to innovation are spaces that can daily inspire awareness, encounters, and diverse workstyles and activities. Intentional and diverse opportunities to communicate can be created in this blend of spaces and office areas to shape human resources against a design of organically-coordinated zones between the atrium garden and countless niche spaces.
With the intention of leaving room for individuals to interact in these spaces in his or her distinctive way, today, each niche and garden is naturally customized by users to inspire and stimulate the imagination and allow new ideas to form.
“inovas” = Coined from “innovation” + “novas" (in Latin)