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St. Marys’ Master Plan

Lead Designers
ClientDang Nguyen
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Landmarks, symbolic structures, memorials, public
Entry Description

Our aim toward this urban project was to transform the city into a
city of landmark, tourism, and service. We tempted to make the site
achieve globalization strategies by redefining global hierarchy of
the city. The goals of developing a new urban area were not only to
create a healthy community for St. Marys' citizen but also to attract
more tourists come to St. Marys. The site represented the city’s
landscape and experience in the micro scale. To be more poetic,
and symbolic, we brought the water element into the site under the
shape of the river as seen in St. Marys’ landscape. Therefore, the
river becomes the main element that connect the different parts
of the site all together but also help to increase the value of the
land where everyone can share the same experience.