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Anu Rugged

Lead Designers
ClientRobert Weeks
Prize(s)Bronze in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Alternative Energy Source Equipmenet
Entry Description

The objective of ANU Rugged is to create reliable, rugged products to enable
nomadic creatives, field scientists, and outdoor professionals to stay connected
in the field. These professionals are frequently on the move and find
themselves in remote locations with a need for power and connectivity. They
are outdoor adventurists and travel enthusiasts who enjoy a life of travel and
experiences with a few quality possessions over a more sedentary life in
pursuit of material rewards. This project looks at three primary problem areas
that our target users encounter: power generation/storage,
communication/connectivity, and weight/portability. Since they are constantly
on the move in foreign countries or wilderness areas, finding a power source
can be difficult. As power is necessary for them to perform their jobs, it is
important for nomadic creatives to generate and store power to take with