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The Savannah Rowlocks Station

Lead Designers
ClientAlexander Wickes
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
Entry Description

The Savannah Rowlocks Station is designed to replace
the I-16 flyover into the downtown area of Savannah
and reestablish the once demolished Coastal Railway
station and reinvest Savannah into utilizing the great
railway system of America. Using GIS data, the low-
income housing lots to the South were redeveloped
into workforce and mixed use apartments to
rehabilitate those currently living in the area to be able
to live in better housing, have a convenient access to
work and the ability to successfully thrive in the City of
Savannah. The outdoor structure and repetition
involved in the canon of the stations architecture not
only lowers cost but enables the use of building
materials in the Savannah area adding back to the
economy of the city and providing a beautiful travel
experience for those that choose to utilize the stations
cheaper and more efficient form of long distance