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The Link

Lead Designers
ClientCristian Fuentes
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Other Architectural Designs
Entry Description

Credits: Sebastian Fuentes, Gabriela Jarrin, Tanmay
Sabharwal, Ar Raj Lalith Nallella 

"The Link" this project was done in collaboration with
first-year graduate students. It focuses on the
redesign of the MLK corridor in downtown Savannah,
GA. The objectives of the project include incorporating
a transit Hub landmark while resurrecting the once
existing “Union Station” to connect Savannah to the
nation with rapid transit, encourage commercial
diversity, stimulate the economy, promote social
interaction, and provide greater security. As a class,
we were divided into four groups to complete the
project. Within the LINK, we created a district called
“Greenbelts to Art and Education” to incorporate
landscaping and natural elements, integrate existing
artistic venues to showcase creative work, stimulate
the economy, and encourage social interaction.