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Differential Obsolescence: Activating the Shells of the Past

Lead Designers
ClientAlazne Urizar
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Renovation
Entry Description

The thesis targets building abandonment and how this
issue affects the built environment and provokes a
negative impact in neighboring communities. The
terminology is studied to explain and to expand the
concept of Evolutionary Architecture, a concept
originated in the questionable success of adaptive
reuse and its incapability of evolving along with the
community’s needs.

Thus, Evolutionary Architecture is a process where
significant buildings, are repaired and improved to
give them a different and new use. Maintaining the
essence of the building, the original character of the
physical and formal structure, but admitting an
intervention and partial addition that reflects a
contemporary time. It is about the introduction of new
functions and new contemporary languages, without
compromising the “essence” of the building.
Therefore, these buildings maintain their vitality
through the memory that evoke and through what they
represent for the city and its inhabitants.