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Lead Designers
ClientMu-Hua Ho
Prize(s)Bronze in Accessory / Bags
Entry Description

The concept of the collection is to inspire people to
consider all factors while facing a problem. Our world
is built out of different elements which are all essential
for their own purpose. The things we see and touch
can be explained with science: chemistry,
mathematics, and physics. Often when we face a
problem in life, we tend to only look at one side of the
equation and forget there can be more than one
formula to the solution.

The collection combines various materials to present
each function (factors) of the accessories, such as
brass as handles; ropes as straps; wood as heels. All
the materials are crucial in order to form the
accessory. Furthermore, the collection covers the topic
of ethical fashion by crocheting the combination of cut
up recycled plastic shopping bags and hemp as fabric.