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Beasts of Burden

Lead Designers
ClientKristin Shore
Prize(s)Bronze in Avant-garde / Men_AG
Entry Description

We talk of the struggle of man—that intrinsic relationship between a man and his clothes
is illuminated through the physicality of his work. Through my exploration, I found man's
burdens: the trials and the unspoken art of balancing the weight of the world on his
shoulders and the toll it takes over time. This influenced curve-backed silhouettes,
weathered materials, and a color palette of aged olive and sea greens.

The collection aims to fulfill the sartorial appetite of a generational breed of creative
hybrid workers. The youth that crave a streetwear collection that does away with overt
graphics of traditional streetwear and instead has a focus on playful fabrications applied
to novel silhouettes while also nodding to traditional street and workwear silhouettes.