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Residential Complex – City of Towers

CompanyB+H Architects
Lead DesignersPhillip Jones & David Stavros
ClientB+H Architects
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Landscape, Silver in Architecture Categories / Urban Design
Entry Description

B+H Architects provided architecture, master planning,
landscape and interior design services for City of Towers,
a residential complex located in the United Arab Emirates.
The concept is a modern allegory of ancient Middle
Eastern cities and guided our design vision of creating an
integrated community.

Framing an outdoor public courtyard and amenity space,
the development consists of four residential buildings that
vary in height and resemble a walled garden. Sculptural
balconies, colonnades, and various window rhythms
create a sense of dynamism; natural stone and wood,
shading screens, strong textures and a warm colour
palette speak to the context of the surrounding area.
Indoor amenities are connected to the towers via a
sinuous pedestrian bridge that spans the site and
provides shading for the public areas beneath.

Landscape and organic elements are crucial to the overall
design. Private and public spaces with natural elements
act as focal points for the community’s residents and