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Spotlight Presentor

Lead Designers
ClientAlastair Curtis
Prize(s)Silver in Office Equipment / Productivity Tools/Presentations
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Entry Description

Spotlight is an advanced presentation remote, which goes well beyond laser pointing, and enables you to highlight and magnify on-screen content in an engaging and powerful way that can better underscore your point. With Spotlight, you can effortlessly navigate slides, play videos and interact with on-screen content from up to 100 feet away. The advanced pointer system works together with the Logitech Presentation App, allowing you to highlight and magnify points on your slide in pixel-perfect detail, so the audience stays engaged throughout your talk, these highlights are visible to both a live audience and via video conference. Spotlight reminds you when it’s time to wrap up, as you can set the presentation remote to vibrate five minutes before the end of your talk and again when your time is fully up. The Logitech Presentation App makes it easy to set time alerts, toggle pointer mode or activate custom controls such as volume gesture commands.