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Cut-Save life

Lead DesignersInsu Kim
Prize(s)Silver in Transportation / Auto Accessories and Interiors
Entry Description

Seat belt cutter attached to the belt

After big accident, seat belt sometimes jammed. so you can stocked in car. In that situation, if fire, toxic smoke or water can injure you severely. Using this tool will save life.

After accident, because its impact, the impact can be break electronic plate, seat belts buckle, seat belt retractor or physical balance. what if you stocked in car after accident because of jammed seatbelt? you might be very knocked out or be in panic. Even if you have a seat belt cutter in your car, However in panic condition, Can you find where is it immediately? That’s why Emergency product is stick out from environment and easy to contact.

When you in Emergency, First. Pull the safety pin. Second, Pull the main ring. then you can escape from the jammed seat belt.