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Lead Designers
ClientDawn Bey
Prize(s)Gold in Avant-garde / Women_AG
Entry Description

For her latest collection, “Acid Bloom,” Dawn was inspired by the idea of a woman as an
urban orchid. Orchids have been symbols of strength as the plant is able to survive in
harsh conditions for long periods of time and yet bring forth a fragile, beautiful orchid
flower. In Chinese culture, the orchid is considered to be one of the four venerable
flowers, as bestowed by Confucius.
This collection speaks of a woman who is able to be like an orchid who blooms under
pressure and harsh urban societal conditions. The pressure can be intense at times, much
like the vibrant saturated colours used freely in this collection. The brushstrokes
represent her emotions of the freedom and passion in chasing life and is painted on
printed silk organza with a rather abstract representation of an orchid. This soft fabric
and print is contrasted with rigid shiny holographic PU fabrics that have