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Poetic of Movement

Lead Designers
ClientBayan Sardari
Prize(s)Silver in Avant-garde / Women_AG
Entry Description

This collection explores repetition and movement to discover non-traditional silhouettes
in fashion. I wanted to create a collection that was not constricted to the human form,
but grew out of embracing shapes that developed as I draped. I wanted to create movement
while remaining static. Through this project, fabric strips are attached to each other on
certain angels, so they act as lines to create framed space around body. The garments have
organic shapes with considerable amount of negative space around body. Also the organic
shapes of sleeves or back of shoulders response to body’s movement in a rhythm. The Poetic
of Movement project is focused on exploring possibilities of repetition, movement and
lines to shape new silhouettes. It leaded to surprising discoveries as garments show
potential of dynamic shapes through body’s movement.