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Lead Designers
ClientEmily Dawson
Prize(s)Bronze in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs
Entry Description

#Celebrate3rdPlace was a series of two exhibitions located in the unfinished basement of a
downtown Savannah building. These exhibitions were part of a larger thesis that sought to
study the
rapidly changing definition of Third Place in a world that has been forever changed by
technology. The
thesis defined Third Place as not only a physical location, but as a moment in time as well.
expansion of the previous definition, as outlined by Ray Oldenberg, allowed for a crucial
cross pollination
between full scale ephemeral design and the experiential study of Third Place. The
unfinished basement
provided a raw textural backdrop of historic brick, wood joists, and limited light seeping
through a small
row of windows. A series of scrims were hung around the existing columns to suggest moments of
pause. The design focused heavily on creating an opportunity for program with a focus on
the gathering
and communal spaces found in Third Places. The exhibition utilized light