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COP 25th Global Climate Change Conference

Lead DesignersShangning Wang
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Corporate Identity
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Entry Description

Global Climate Change is not a new topic. Our governments have plans to resolve it for years, but they did not have many actions. Most of people gradually lost their interest on this topic. As designers, we have the ability and responsibility to arouse people’s interest again. I hope this project can inspire other designers.“Design can save the world! ”.

The objective of this project is to create an attractive branding that can reflect the connection between the different weather and the global climate change. The first step is to build the identity’s visual system. The visual system is made by 25 dots which relates to the 25th COP Conference. My aim is to create a smart system that can be applied on different medias.

The main logo is composed by the four basic elements of nature. They are air, water, earth, and fire.