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Yaktrax Summit

Lead DesignersMonty Montague
Prize(s)Gold in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Outdoors, trekking and camping
Entry Description

The Summit is a new breed of traction device, designed to travel light and fast on winter hikes or backcountry treks. They are quick and easy to put on your boots, thanks to the unique closure system: the device opens wide to fit around your boot, then cinches down securely with a turn of the Boa dial. The user can dial in the perfect level of tension, so the device stays locked in place on your boots. They are even faster to remove: pull out the Boa dial to release the tension and they pop right off.

3/8” curved steel spikes provide heavy-duty traction in winter conditions ranging from packed snow to glare ice. The segmented spike plates flex with your foot, preventing snow buildup.

The Summit’s minimal natural rubber design is flexible and compact, allowing them to be folded up and stuffed into a tiny storage bag.


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Awards and Prize

GDUSA Magazine American Graphic Design Awards
IDSA/IDEA International Design Excellence Awards
IDA International Design Awards
ID Magazine, Annual Design Awards
Good Design Awards (Chicago Athenaeum)

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