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The Script

Lead DesignersNelca Wan Chi Yuen
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Low cost housing, Bronze in Architecture Categories / Other Architectural Designs, Bronze in Architecture Categories / New Residential Building
Entry Description

This is a small residential for scriptwriter. It is make of containers.
What is scriptwriter?
The spirit of the movie. A man who live with a book and a pen.
However the design won’t just add the bookcases everywhere or design a big study desk.
The design is focus what the writer need rather than how to represent the writer the writer image.
“Between public and private use, scriptwriter can exert the creative freely with sunlight and shadows.”

Consider the major feature of the scriptwriter, his job always working at home, for example meeting the crew while making the movie. Also, scriptwriter almost prefer a natural but also a privacy place that he can write the script comfortably.
The aim is writer can exert the creative freely in an unimpeded exterior and interior in a workspace area and a private area.