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Interpretation Center Mining Portovelo

Lead DesignersISRAEL LARA
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Renovation
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Entry Description

The history focuses on gold, one of the natural resources most coveted by man.

The industrial era replaced the landscape of Portovelo and filled it with infrastructure creating a new social and spatial order; Insensitivity and vandalism have taken a heavy toll to the place.

Creating an interpretation center to value the miner historical past of Portovelo. Through an architectural design it is generated a tour by the ruins, equipped with interactive spaces.
The proposal is to use again the old storage tanks and other obsolete items; in order to create in users sensations where they can see the history of the place.

The Interpretation Center will become the embryo of cultural and economic development. Getting an identity from the place’s social point of view; , workshops and cultural programs.

Seven rooms: reception, interpretation room, model mining , recreational area - gold extraction process -, audiovisual room, souvenirs room and cafeteria and space for activities.