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Envy Lounge

CompanyHootan & Associates Design Studio
Lead DesignersHootan Hamedani
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Commercial
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Entry Description

Hootan & Associates Design Studio designed Envy Lounge, located in the heart of Newport Beach, in 2016. Designer group got inspired by the setting of 1920s in the United States: Speakeasies, which were the hidden sections of an establishment that were used to illegally sell alcoholic beverages in Prohibition Era. Therefore, the brief of the project was simple: to create a fun, chic, and evocative space that wake memories of the past.
While Envy Lounge got enthused by the ambiance of 1920’s, it did not try to replicate the clubs of that period of time. Innovative techniques and materials were enhanced to make this space suitable for the current time being. Indeed, this place opens a dialogue between past and present, it is a lounge where old and new meet each other. It is full of memories yet unique and incomparable.