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Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Conceptual, Silver in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs
Entry Description

The project is in order to redesign a design school that placed in North Point, partial floor of 15/F, entire floors of 16/F and 17/F. It is aimed to create a clear and unique image to the several floors such that the new complex shall be easily identified as the "design school" by students.

This is the concept about my design. “Got innovation from a child learning.”
While we grow up, learning become our liability instead of active to learn.
This phenomenon happen in secondary school, college even in society, office.
Do you remember how we learn in the kindergarten?
"No one initiative to teach us, we use toy to train our mind.
Never forced to learn and solve problem together."

The new design school will find your lost innocence and conceive a creative learning style.
The design got innovation from a child learning.
Thus, it divided in three sections: Unlimited Learning, Playful Facilities and Equal Relationship.