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Dancing Tops

Lead DesignersHenry Haneda+Patricia Williamson
Prize(s)Bronze in Toy Design / Science Toy
Entry Description

Long-spinning exotic tops dance mesmermizingly. Hand-Made of Tagua and Rare Wood, these tops feature precise craftsmanship.

This piece of interactive art work will soothe the mind and please the eye. Tops with sleek carbon fiber spindles dance on a base of earth friendly PaperStone.

Each top has 9 unique dancing patterns that come to life when spun. Depending on the starting position on the custom-made PaperStone stage, the spindle rotation speed, and the spindle angle (vector control), each top will give a mesmerizing and precisely designed performance.

Each top and Pattern is unique- as this is a hand-made natural product. Grains and wood patterns may vary from photo.