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Prize(s)Gold in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
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Entry Description

We created a shelf joint that is made out of recycled polypropylen.
The customer can choose between one color or a mixture. The joint can be combined with every wooden board of a thickness of 12mm you can get at your local carpenter. It`s up to the customer what kind of wood they use and how they combine it with the joint. Everybody can choose the shelf he wants that perfectly fits in your budget, room and taste.

The joint as itself is 40mmx40mmx28mm. You need minimum 8 joints and 4 wooden boards to create the basic box and you can expand it indefinitely. There are no limits in your creativity, you can compensate sloping roofs, offsets in the roomcorner or you build a space separation without any additional tools.
In fact the „verbinder“ supports reducing the plastic pollution and your local carpenter.