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Roasted Legoosey

Lead DesignersAtelier J-AR
Prize(s)Gold in Home Interior Products / Lighting
Entry Description

"Roasted Legoosey" aims to concretize the vanishing Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong (open-air food stalls) Culture in the form of a lighting installation. As traditional roadside diners are being gradually replaced by modern air-conditioned restaurants as a result of urban renewal, the once-familiar streetscape and dining culture are declining and will soon be erased from the urban fabric. This cultural legacy will become a collective memory or even be forgotten. Through the "Roasted Legoosey", we would like to materialize this intangible cultural heritage and to raise public awareness of the current urban redevelopment in Hong Kong.


First trained as an architect at the University of Hong Kong and then educated as an arts and cultural researcher at Central Saint Martins, Wyan Yeung is an architect, multi-disciplinary maker and design educator. His interest and background are situated at the intersection of architectural, spatial, interior, furniture and product design. As a passionate creator striving for innovation and vision, he is leading the cross-disciplinary design group 08 Collective, which continuously enables him to push the boundaries.

Awards and Prize

Winner (2019), K-Design Award, Korea; Gold Award (2019), European Product Design Award; Honorable Mention (2019) DNA Paris Design Awards; Rose Gold Winner (2019), Muse Design Awards; Honorable Mention (2018), London International Creative Competition; Honorable Mention (2018), The Architecture MasterPrize; Silver Award (2018), European Product Design Award; Silver Award (2017), 11th Annual IDA Award; Honourable Mention (2016), 10th Annual IDA Award; “Design Hero” (2016), The 2nd HK-SZ Design Biennale, Hong Kong; Certificate of Excellence (2016), Best Pop-Up, A&D Trophy Awards 2016 (in collaboration); Honorable Mention (2016), The Innovative Youth Housing Design Competition and Construction, the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (in collaboration); Silver A’ Design Award (2015), A’ Design Award & Competition (in collaboration); Gold Prize (2013), 9th Annual IDA Award (in collaboration); Shortlisted (2012), Asia Awards 2013, Japan Design Association NPO, Japan; Selected (2011), Aarhus International Poster Show 2012, Denmark; 2nd Prize (2011), Alternative Car Park Tower Competition, AC-CA, U.K. (in collaboration); Shortlisted (2010), Fujitsu Design Award 2011, Japan (in collaboration); Winner of China Religion (2010), Tivoli Audio Global Design Challenge, U.S. Shortlisted (2009), Endangered Species Graphic Design Competition, Tokyo Designers Week, Japan; 1st Prize (2008), DWA Architects Caring for Older People Design Competition, Royal Institute of British Architects, U.K. (in collaboration); Shortlisted (2017), Nationwide Sustainable Housing Awards Student Competition, Royal Institute of British Architects, U.K.