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Wacom Intuos Advertising

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Gold in Multimedia / Online Advertising Design
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Entry Description

The project is for the Wacom Intuos tablets 2015/16 advertising campaign.The new range of Intuos Pen & Touch tablets consists of the four models: Intuos Draw, Intuos Art, Intuos Comic and Intuos Photo.
These digital artworks are a mixture of photography, graphic elements and hand-drawn ink marks, acrylic or watercolour stains.
The most creative part is the use of different techniques and the challenge is to combine the traditional tools with photography and the new digital and photo manipulation technique to emphasize the great potential offered by the Wacom tablets.
The result is the vision of an imaginative world hanging between reality and fantasy, dream and utopia and in which color and sensitivity have the predominant role.
An art that at first glance stands out for its aesthetic beauty, given by countless graphic and natural elements, which while immersed into a deep and immense ocean of colours shape themselves around a perfect human figure.