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Misty Bamboo Exhibition Design

Lead DesignersKeng-Yu
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
Entry Description

Misty Bamboo is designed for the event Creative Expo Taiwan, whose goal is to promote cultural creative industries. Inspired by a traditional ink painting “Misty Bamboo on a Distant Mountain”, the design interprets the Taiwanese cultural characteristics by recreating the painting through space. Entering the central corridor as if unrolling a long scroll painting, it invites the viewers into a serene ambiance to embrace and experience.

The design intends to depict the artistic concept of the ancient poets’ work and elegant lifestyle, using their daily appreciation of bamboo and tea as a symbol of representing the cultural essence of Taiwan. The use of the materials combining bamboo plants and polypropylene hollow sheets creates a dialogue between the nature and the industrial. The bamboo results in a defused reflection through the hollow sheets in different angles, forming an interesting visual effect to be an analogy of mist, wind movement and the brushstrokes.