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HTC Desire 530

CompanyHTC Design Team
Lead DesignersHTC Design
ClientHTC Design Team
Prize(s)Silver in Media And Home Electronics / Phone and Other Communications Technology
Entry Description

The HTC Desire 530 combines one-of-a-kind style,
practicality and affordability to create a bold smartphone
unlike anything else on the market. Inspired by
sportswear and street art, a micro-splash effect on the
plastic shell gives each phone a unique pattern as it goes
through production, treating the phone as a canvas. Each
phone also includes a lanyard that secures to a recessed
connection, making the phone a fashionable accessory
that’s ready to record video, but won’t accidentally slip
out of your hand. And yet, all of its distinct details do not
come at great cost thanks to the design team’s
explorations in creative efficiency.