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Masters of Design exhibition

Lead DesignersAdam Brodsley / Eric Heiman
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Signs, Exhibits and POP Displays
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Entry Description

The Western Gallery in Bellingham, Washington hosted a Volume, Inc. retrospective as a part of their ongoing "Masters of Design" series. Subtitled "Our Work Shouldn’t Be Here," the exhibition captures the engaging and experiential essence of Volume’s work.

Physical artifacts are displayed on plywood boxes and meant to be picked up and examined. A 135' x 8' banner of Volume projects weaves through the main gallery giving visitors a physical sense of the work's cope and scale. Flanking the banner is a “Wailing (Poster) Wall” of inner thoughts, milestones, haikus, and outside comments about Volume. Visitors can contribute to the exhibition by filling out any of the three sticker prompts. Lastly, there is a projected Skype link with the Volume studio where one can view the daily goings-on and even have a conversation with the staff.