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Gift Catalog 2015\2016 - Vista Alegre Atlantis

CompanyBangBang Agency
Lead DesignersCatarina Pestana
ClientPedro Gabriel
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Catalogs
Project LinkView
Entry Description

For the 2015-2016 Gift Catalogue, Vista Alegre sought
inspiration in Art Deco, a visionary movement that mirrored
the curiosity and fever of living of the "roaring twenties",
integrating into its imagination arts of Hindu, Aztec, Egyptian
and Oriental origin.

Thus, the setting sought to combine a classic restless and
an assumed modernism, establishing its own language. A
reflection of the new collection, where the challenging
design simply cannot do without formal and decorative
elegance, where the latest technology is merged with
traditional techniques for great detail. Each environment and
each moment are, just as are the pieces, more than the
sum of their parts, creating a universal appeal and providing
totally unique sensations, dictated by worlds of experience,
tastes and references. A concept which reflects a shared
philosophy with Art Deco - that every life must be seen as
the purest form of art.


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Awards and Prize

Since 2014, Bang Bang Agency’s work has been recognized and awarded by festivals and competitions such as the International Design Awards, Summit International Awards, Creativity International Awards, Lusófonos Creativity Awards, Sapo Awards and the Meios & Publicidade Awards.