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Sirin and Alkonost - the Keepers of life

Lead DesignersEkaterina Ezhova
Prize(s)Silver in Accessory / Scarves
Entry Description

Fashion accessory.
The original composition of traditional Russian mythological images made on the silk scarf 90x90 cm., 11 colors.
2012. Moscow. Russia.
Sirin and Alkonost - birds described in Russian mythological legends and tales. According to Russian folklore, Sirin is a big, strong, colorful bird with head and chest of a beautiful woman, stern face and a crown on its head. Sirin as the sea bird-maidens Sirena, with their beautiful songs lured sailors who, hearing their enchanting voices would forget everything on earth, following them into the realm of death. Russian Sirin was endowed with magical features of protective nature, personifing beauty, happiness and joy of life. Near Sirin, Slavs would often paint another mythical bird, Alkonost. Alkonost is the Bird of Dawn, it is depicted with hands and wings and a flower in its hand, which controls the wind and the weather.


My name is Еkaterina EZHOVA. I am a Russian artist and graphic designer. I was born in Germany and live and work in Italy. I have extensive experience in various areas of graphic design with small and large customers. I create logo, branding and identity design, web design, Power Point presentation design, packaging and labels design, poster, catalogs and brochures, POS design, SMM design, e-mail design, event design, textile design, greeting cards and invitation, pattern design.