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Lead DesignersAditi Singh
Prize(s)Silver in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Energy Conservation Equipment
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Entry Description

Save3 is a visual feedback system designed for hotel rooms. Comprising a set of smart objects, this system subtly encourages guests to save water and electricity by monitoring consumption and by providing incentive to conserve.

Hotels rank among the top 5 in terms of energy and water consumption. Guests in hotel rooms often tend to overuse these resources without much consideration thinking they already paid for it.

The Save3 system gives an indication of total water and electricity available to the guest right at the time the Keycard is first used. As resources are consumed, the information is continuously made visible and if consumption is less than estimated, money is refunded in proportion during check-out.

This visual indicator of a monetary saving possible will make the guest more inclined to watch their consumption to get bonus money back. Thus the incentive of getting cash back encourages saving water and electricity.