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Lead DesignersGlen Ow
ClientOw Glen
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Stationery
Entry Description

Taking the lead for the entire branding campaign for Vilasa
II II V, an esteemed residence development based in
Kolkata, India, blanct has charted the direction, visual cue
and tonality of architectural palettes into specific collaterals.
These include unique selling points, fonts proposals,
development names and taglines proposals. The team
created the name 'Vilasa II II V' which means 'Luxury' in
traditional Sanskrit, giving it a deeper cultural meaning.
While the design is contemporary, the local heritage is
intertwined into the branding essence, creating an icon of
finesse and affluence. blanct has also led in providing
consultancy services for the type of finish, material of
packaging for the brochure, and the on-site grand entrance
logo finish. With simplicity to its design, this adds leverage
to the upcoming development in terms of standing and
progress both aesthetically and functionally in the local
Indian real estate market.