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The Art of Two - Art Book

CompanyC A Design
Lead DesignersRosanne Chan
ClientRosanne Chan
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Catalogs
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Tribal art speaks for the story of the daily lives of various
tribes. Each piece of art bears a richness of life and energy.
Duality is depicted as the design theme featuring couples
such as husband and wife, mother and child.
The visual impact of this publication goes beyond the
graphic treatment and typography. The planning of the
couples’ position and relationship, depth of field, angle that
faces each other, created a flow of dialogue between them,
extending from pair to pair.
The interest that readers would possibly be engaged in, are
strategically planned to invite their embarking on a journey,
into the tribes’ world of different civilization from our daily
lives, to view their culture and their stories by noticing the
features and detail of the art being focused on.
This catalog was produced for the Fair “Parcours Des
Mondes” to promote Tribal Art.