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VIA - urban bike navigation

CompanyEntwurfreich GmbH
Lead DesignersMatthias Menzel
ClientMatthias Menzel
Prize(s)Gold in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Bicycle and bicycle accessories
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Entry Description

A feeling of freedom comes with bicycling. You breathe fresh air and feel the wind blowing
through your hair. And above all: you are mobile – whenever and almost wherever you want.
This is particularly true in city traffic, where almost all other users of transportation
move much less freely than the cyclist – while cars, buses and trucks are caught in rush
hour, the cyclist is free from the stop-and-go.

This free and easy feeling is even more present when you have a good knowledge of the
city. The fact is, a lot of bicycle navigation systems flood the rider with information
and details. This has led Entwurfreich to the question of how to make life easier and thus
better for urban cyclists. A very innovative project was born based on our market
analysis: VIA – a bicycle navigation system for the city; and one that displays only the
most important information tailored to your needs.