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Fabric Chair

Lead DesignersI-Ting Tsai
Prize(s)Silver in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
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Entry Description

Fabric chair design is about creating a complex three-dimensional form from a flat sheet, using the traditional art of stitching. This felt composite creates structurally strong, intricate fluid shapes without the help of mold or formwork. Fabric in furniture has long existed but the invention of a composite that makes the fabric the main structural material is unique. The process of a machine cutting the felt and letting the fabric stand on its own created the chair design. The chair was created to show the potential of this design invention, which allows the transition from a 2D surface to a 3D object. Once the chair is folded to its final form and attached to the scaffolding at minimum places, a precise ratio of resin mixtures was applied to harden the fabric without deforming it. The fabric chair eventually turns out to have various textures and hardness at different parts.