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Water Exhibition Invitation

Lead Designers
Entry Description

The flagship Salvatore Ferragamo boutique in New York City boasts a second-floor gallery that has been home to exclusive exhibitions. The most recent event marked the opening of WATER, an exhibition of contemporary art. Evoking the aesthetic of the water photography in a print form, the invite utilized all-over foil printing with foil text. The finished card was housed in a four-panel pochette envelope that also included a foil-printed interpretation of one of the featured works.


The O Group (www.ogroup.net) is a graphic design firm focused on luxury brands with more than 20 years experience helping clients reach their business goals. The O Group applies keen business acumen, marketing strategy and creative talents to yield intelligent and compelling designs. Based in New York City, The O Group services a wide range of clients including: Hennessy Cognac; Imperia Vodka; Lacoste; Mo?t & Chandon; Robert Marc; Russian Standard Vodka; Salvatore Ferragamo; and VOSS USA.

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