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No. Twenty Bayard Brochure

Lead Designers
Entry Description

Number 20 Bayard, a luxury residence building in Brooklyn, was in need of a stand-out brochure to reach prospective buyers in a market saturated with frenzied development. The piece was created to show various ?measurable? attributes in the hopes that quantitative benefits would provide a clear view of the advantages over competing buildings. A large library of typefaces, oversized gatefolds, and unique book size and construction helped maintain a fun, user-friendly experience that collectively kept the reader informed.


The O Group (www.ogroup.net) is a graphic design firm focused on luxury brands with more than 20 years experience helping clients reach their business goals. The O Group applies keen business acumen, marketing strategy and creative talents to yield intelligent and compelling designs. Based in New York City, The O Group services a wide range of clients including: Hennessy Cognac; Imperia Vodka; Lacoste; Mo?t & Chandon; Robert Marc; Russian Standard Vodka; Salvatore Ferragamo; and VOSS USA.

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