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Di.Ta. -Digital Tap-

Lead Designers
Entry Description

Di.Ta. is the first complete serie of bathroom taps based on the Bianconiglio technology, the domotic system of managing the water in the house based on a new concept of hydraulic system: a box as the core of the system, the part in which the fluid interception mechanisms, the working mechanisms and the electronic intelligence of the system are housed. The tap itself is reduced to a spout positioned near the control surface, made sensitive by an innovative technology coming out from a continuous progress in the research on sensitive interfaces. A luminous dot shows the stand-by position of the system: you can activate it just swimming it. Moving the finger along two horizontal lines, it is possible to set the water parameters: the user communicates with the system with the sense of touch and sight. Two series of LED show the chosen conditions: the inner indicates the flow rate, the upper, temperature, and lights change respectively their luminous intensity and their colour from blue to red.