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Flight 001 Travel Stores

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For almost 40 years, Pan Am Flight 001 ruled all westbound air travel with a flight that originated in San Francisco and then hopped around the globe, stopping in Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Delhi, Beirut, Istanbul, Frankfurt, London and finally landing in New York - 46 hours after its first take-off.

?Flight 001 was a seamless experience. My goal was to design an experience that recreates the thrill of international travel during an era when it was chic and glamorous. Taking cues from airport terminals and aircraft interiors and combining them with sexy materials, Flight 001 came to life,? states Antonioni.

Each Flight 001 store has defined zones with clear iconic graphics marking the different designated areas. A map wall behind the cash wrap, which mimics a ticket counter, displays the difference time zones and actual times of each location (San Francisco store). A feature wall highlights the newest products on window-like discs and suitcases are cleverly displayed in a baggage claim zone. Even the reminiscent storage bins are tucked neatly away in the sophisticated, curved shelving units. Moving comfortably throughout the store, the space has a natural flow through each zone, showcasing the entire collection of travel products.

With the winning combination of innovative design and the eclectic selection of products, Flight 001 is an all inclusive, one-stop travel shop that redefines style on the go.



Dario has independently designed furniture systems, retail experiences and interior architecture for clients worldwide.

Antonioni?s work has been featured on TV, books and periodicals internationally. He has exhibited his furniture at design shows in Paris, Cologne, Milan, NYC, LA and SF. Dario has won awards from LG Electronics, I.D. Magazine, and was selected by Surface Magazine for their T.A.G. Event, held in Milan, Italy and NYC, spotlighting emerging talent within the United States.

His clients includes Aveda, Billabong, Dellarobbia, Elite Modern, DKNY, Ducati, Edward Norton, Flight 001, Fred Segal, Goldman Sachs, MGM, Light Group, L' Oreal, Palliser, Pepsi, Hard Rock, Haworth, Henry Bendel, Ralph Lauren, Razorfish and others.

Dario attended the University of Michigan?s Aerospace Engineering Program prior to receiving his B.S. in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he was later invited to become faculty.

Antonioni has lectured at colleges and industry conferences worldwide. He currently lives in Santa Monica with his wife Natasha and two dogs Carmelina and Bambino.before I die I will: Drive the pan american highway
Build a house on a hill
Make babies
Build an old fashion plane
Fly the old fashion plane
Start a non-profit summer camp that inspires creativity in children through outdoor excursions and high-tech factory tours.

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