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Charles G Bailey

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Pret-a-porter / Men_PP

Destined for the fashion world, Isaac Greszes was a frequent visitor at his father, Ben Greszes?, chain of retail stores that scattered the East Coast. Upon graduating from New York University with a degree in clinical psychology Isaac immediately immersed himself in the fashion industry. Launching brands such as Gene Meyer, 4 You and Castle Starr.

Isaac praised by MR as one of ?The Best, The Brightest and The Future Leaders of Menswear?, called upon Italian luxury and style as he launched his own brand, Charles G Bailey in 2007; made entirely in Italy.
Charles G Bailey, a collection made for the man who craves opulence in every stitch, offering dress shirts and knitwear made from the finest Italian cuts and fabrics. Charles G Bailey provides the modern customer with an evolutionary collection that will update any wardrobe. Isaac?s Italian inspiration is evident in each piece, with its perfect blend of colors, superior tailored cut and made with a lavish array of materials.

To Isaac, success is a product of working with the best team, and from the beginning this team has been his family. In the early 90?s Isaac launched Gene Meyer, a luxury menswear line under parent company Mondo Inc., co-founded by his father Ben Greszes. Charles G Bailey is no exception drawing its name from Isaac?s two children Charles and Bailey. Isaac?s Father and Mother also work in the business as President and Chief Financial Officer respectively. Today Isaac continues to succeed in the excellence of the Greszes name.
For Spring 2009 Greszes's launches his first women's collection.

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