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SNICKERS Cross Turkiye

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Multimedia / Online Advertising Design
Entry Description


?Snickers Cross Turkiye? was an event about three roller skaters skating throughout T?rkiye within 2 months, with the slogan ?Keep Moving". So, being consistent with the event, our solution reflected the street culture and the spirit of roller blade; while appealing to the core target group of Snickers, mainly the youth.

We based the art direction of the web site on street life, wall and asphalt textures and road signs. In the core of our design, we created an illustration combining the main sight-seeing elements on the route on a sliding strip, which moves along with our three skaters. We used crappy 2D character animations for skaters and combined them with 3D street sign navigation. We employed a selective yellow-brown color palette and flat textured graphics to communicate the visual style of the event in a Snickers? branded way.

To create a better and continuous communication - besides the static informative content - we included a diary, an event calendar, an interactive map and two galleries of video and photo. Also, we updated the web site on daily basis, as news, new photographs, videos and texts became available during the journey.

Snickers Cross Turkiye site has been visited by 80K unique visitors (unique persons) in total. The average visit time for all visits (including repetitions) is above 3 minutes. Last two days, the web site has been viewed by $20K visitors per day. The visitors mostly stayed on home page to watch recent video updates and then surfed to in photo and video gallery sections where they spend time to interact with content. Also, event calendar and diary were popular sections of the site.

Snickers Cross Turkiye site ?delivered? the aimed objective, and even went beyond it! It created an effective and impressive online communication with youth, while delivering main message and premises of the brand. On one hand it supported the overall communication of the event while making use of mediums all possibilities (interacting, seeing, hearing, reading, etc.); on the other hand it became a message by itself to promote the brand in minds of the target audience.

We translated just major sections as huge copy content is on the site in diary, events, etc. sections; which you won?t need (we believe) while judging at all. Thank you for your understanding.

So, main elements of the site translate as follow:

Main Message:
?Three crazy skaters / from Istanbul to Urfa on roller blades / 1.500km / KEEP MOVING?

Navigation Elements:
+ Siteye Giris ? Enter Web Site
+ Patenciler ? Skaters
+ Roportaj ? Interview
+ Ozgecmis ? Resumes
+ Gunluk ? Diary
+ Konsept ? Concept
+ Konsept ? Concept
+ Snickers ? Snickers
+ Harita ? Map
+ Etkinlikler ? Activities
+ Yol Haritasi ? Road Map
+ Galeri ? Gallery
+ Videolar - Videos
+ Fotograflar - Photos


Can Burak Bizer is considered among most aspirational fresh Turkish designers under 30. He believes in idea and execution to communicate. Having been grown-up in multi-cultural environment of Istanbul, the influence of fusion is recognizable in his approach to design. Feeding himself from East and West, he is simultaneously both in and out of these two cultures. Like Renaissance artists, he mastered various different subjects and acquired internationally recognized expertise in graphic, illustration, interactive, art, audio, photography, film, video, etc. His works were published by international publishers; including Collins Design, Laurence King, Rockport, Taschen, etc. His designs have been exhibited in Europe and States. Latest, he has been honored with EULDA (European Logo Design Award), IMA (Interactive Media Awards) and CA (Creativity Award) awards. Can Burak?s clientele include Corona Extra, Kotex, Maxim, Pepsi, Snickers, Starbucks, Vodafone, Wincor-Nixdorf, as well as many other strong local brands. He is currently creative director at 2FRESH - which he founded in 2003 - for Paris and Istanbul offices.

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