APDC Head of Overseas Affairs Dept, Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC)

Ms. Lynn Wang, passionate about the organic lifestyle, sees herself as a LOHAS, low on carbon footprints and big on sustainability.
In 2012, Ms. Lynn Wang and Mr. Jason Wang jointly initiated the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards for Elite with the theme ‘Celebrating Creativity’, which has become one of the most important design awards in the Chinese community.
Ms. Lynn Wang has dedicated herself to providing Chinese and international designers with a platform for communication and cooperation.


What did you most enjoy about the IDA judging process?

I really enjoyed taking the time to fully appreciate the diversity of all the entries globally, and it enlarged my vision of the talent of the design industry across the board.

Was there one particular design which really stood out for you?

The one which really touched me enormously was an art installation called “Dan Deng Zai” from Foshan, China.

What did you think about the quality of the entries in the IDA?

They were exceptionally high quality and universally innovative.

How did you feel about the quality of the students’ entries?

I was really impressed by the creativity and boundless imagination of the students’ entries.

After reviewing the IDA projects, did you see evidence of current trends or challenges in the design industry?

Less is more. The trend was generally more sustainable designs and localized features.

How much influence does your own personal taste influence your decisions in judging a design award?

I would say generally about 50% influence.

What advice would you give to future entrants?

Provide a better layout of pictures will provide a better first impression.

What did you learn from this experience, and is there anything that you learned that you will take back to your respective business?

An exploration for different styles from different countries.