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Fokus Desk

Lead DesignersMuhamad Zulkifie
Prize(s)Bronze in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

The Fokus Desk helps home office users keep focused in their work with organizational, storage features and space for the user. It is ergonomically designed, light for mobility and distribution. Its unique features consists of a T shaped slot to hold cables, super slim drawer, storage for power bars, insets for pens, 6 compartments under the desk. A flap that raises laptop height for video calls. A catch holds the table top in place. A support legs allows the table top to rest on it. The Main Frame extends to become a shelving feature.

How it works? For set up, the table top is pulled up in a rotational direction. Insert the C-catch on both sides. Pull out the support leg which swings out. The table top's weight is distributed through the rotational pivot points and the support leg. For packing up, remove both the C-catch and the table top drops down. Pull the main frame vertically and the support legs will fold-in automatically.

Dupont Corian will be used for the table top, drawer, storage, catch and cable compartments. It can be produced in many colors, patterns, translucency and organic shapes. It is very durable and customized to user design specifications. The Main frame and support legs are to built with Birch ply wood. Basically consisting of carpentry and joinery works. I have used only 2 materials so that disposing or recycling of materials can also be easily managed.

Size: 1450 mm (Length) X 750 mm (Breadth) X 1200 mm (Height)

Awards and Prize

IDA Awards Bronze
IDA Awards Honourable mention
A' Design Awards (Bronze)