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American Born Moonshine

Lead DesignersDan Matauch
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Packaging
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Entry Description

The goal was to create a brand that embodies the essence of the American rebel spirit. All that is “American Born” is born free with an indomitable rebel spirit that challenges what is possible to define the ever-evolving American Dream. We developed a traditional mason jar and gave it a look and feel like it was taken out of a wooden crate filled with straw in Appalachia during prohibition. To also help give the product and authentic feel, the labels are an aged paper and have a separate overlay label for flavor distinction. Finally for the lid, we developed a unique patented lid design that allows bartenders or home drinkers to remove a cork in the middle of the top to pour individual drinks or use a regulated pour spout. You can, of course, still unscrew the whole top and pass the jar around a tailgate.