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SOL Shelter

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Prize(s)Silver in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
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Entry Description

Today everyone relies on smart phones and tablets. The need to keep devices constantly charged will only increase. Globally there are over 3 Billion smart phones in use everyday. SOL Shelter is a Solar Charging Station for cell phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices using rechargeable batteries and provides energy wherever the sun is shining. Completely independent of the grid, Sol Shelter stores energy from the sun in Batteries and can operate for weeks without any sunshine when fully charged.

SOL Shelter provides a comfortable seated area with USB and 110volt AC outlets so that you have a shaded place to wait while you are charging or using your devices.

The hollow base of SOL Shelter houses the batteries and inverters and is cast of a durable exterior composite material imitating stone and harder than concrete. The canopy section is designed in powder-coated steel. The seat is made from recycled rubber material.

Options for SOL Shelter include fans for cooling in hot climates and heated seats for colder climates. It also operates as a Wifi broadcast station and has LED lighting at night.

For all the places where there is no power you can add SOL Shelter.